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In his many years as Wentzville’s municipal judge, Carter was ahead of the curve in implementing sweeping changes to Wentzville’s court before the advent of

Attorney Mike B. is perhaps the best legal negotiator in the St. Louis metro area. It seems clients are always surprised when we call to tell them that their case is dismissed
Michael E. Carter JD, MA
Attorney Brendan, JD
Ms. Cronin's background is bankruptcy and criminal law. She is a dedicated research expert who has assisted circuit judges  
Ms. Ruth started her career in the public defender's office for Missouri and honed her lawyering while continually handling tough situations  
Shelly Cronin, JD
Ruth, JD
Ms. Dixon is the all around go-to person at DWI Center, Traffic Law Counselors®, and Carter Law Offices, LLC. We are not sure if it's compulsory that she join MENSA,  
Shelby is as unique as her name. Her co-workers love her as much as our clients do.  
Felicia Dixon
Shelby Evans
Ms. Abramczyk has a bachelors of science in criminal justice with a minor in forensic science and her paralegal certificate. She works quickly and pays attention to every detail.  
Lauren can slow down time. No, not really, but you would think she can, given all that she achieves daily for our clients  
Megan Zemek BA
Lauren Gilmore
Sue believes in customer service above all else. Many folks at our law office have deep customer service backgrounds -- including the owner -  
Sue Remley